Evangelist / Motivational Speaker / Concert Artist

Dan Ham

A native of North Carolina, Dan came from a strong  heritage in the Christian faith. However, the negative  influences of peer pressure soon took its toll on young  Dan’s life. Experimenting with drugs and alcohol at an early  age led to a life of loneliness and depression, and Dan  realized his life was going nowhere. Even the success  he was achieving as a High School All-conference athlete  didn’t fill the emptiness he felt inside…

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The Man

Get to know Dan in a personal way. Check out where he is from, what he is currently doing and how he can be a blessing to you.


The Message

Dan is a gifted communicator with over 25 years of experience serving as an evangelist, youth pastor, and missionary.


The Music

Dan has recorded four albums as a solo artist with thousands of units sold. His music and speaking ministry has taken him to over 30 nations.

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